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Get Creative and Me time
Yes I know, I can hear you all saying 'me' time is great but when as I going to fit it in ? I bet that most of you hardly get time to finish a cup of tea let alone have some time off! But you must. It's really important that you take a few minutes each day to relax, unwind and recharge.

Go on treat yourself!
As a mother you make endless sacrifices. So now is the time to treat yourself. Shop now and give yourself 5 minutes of 'me' time today. All of our fab product are Produced in the UK and deisgned for Mums by Mums. And Each one of our Unique slogans are designed by us...no copying here!

Have your say!
As mums are we all expecting too much of ourselves? Can we really be superwoman all of the time and still be content and at peace? Or are we just setting ourselves up for a fall? Surely life is too short not to enjoy every moment and not put so much pressure on ourselves?'' let us have your views and opinions.


Why we started cheekymums
Those of you who are mothers understand the drastic changes that take place as soon as this new role starts. Not only the physically but emotionally too. Your life often changes drastically.Most mothers agreed that nothing quite prepares you for motherhood.
You have this amazing, loving, unique and wonderful baby and you as a person seem to disappear into oblivion only to be replaced by a multi-tasking (and I don’t mean a mere 3 things at once!)....

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Cheekymums was set up to empower mothers through self expression. We will be adding exciting new info to the site to help mums to be more creative. All of our products are created for mums by mums. Cheekymums is not only owned, managed and run by mums, it is exclusively for mums.